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Incorporating Glass into your Next Home Improvement Project

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to turn the space in your home into an elegant, modern, and functional space? Consider purchasing items made from glass to fill your Northern Virginia area home. We have included a handful of design ideas for inspiration to get you started on your glass house. Be advised that if you have household pets or small animals that these home improvement ideas may not be suitable for your home.

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-  Glass Tile Backsplash: If you thought your only choices were between ceramic tile and high-end granite, guess again. Glass tile is a modern, inexpensive, and low-maintenance tile solution for the backsplash in your home. Determine the surface area of the space that you are looking to tile. Next, decide on the style of glass you are looking for. You can choose from textured, colored, frosted, and many more to get the exact look that you want.

Glass Cabinet Doors: Consider replacing your kitchen cabinet doors with glass. In addition, if you have exposed book shelves look into investing in expert glass repair services to cabinet doors onto your existing shelving. Not only does this add elegance to your home but it also saves you from weekly dusting of your flatware.



-  Glass Shower Enclosures: Let your glass shower become the center piece of your master bathroom. A beautiful glass shower enclosure can significantly increase the resale value of your home. Depending on your bathroom configuration you may be able to add a glass enclosure to your existing bathtub.

-  Skylights: Skylights are a great way to increase your home’s ventilation and let light into a room while being able to maintain your personal privacy.


Living /Dining Room

-  Floor to Ceiling Glass Windows: Truly bring that wow factor to your home with floor to ceiling glass windows. These are ideal for a dining or living rooms where you have natural outdoor scenery. Easily brighten up your home and let in natural lighting.

Local Carpet Cleaners

Support Your Local Service Industries

Nowadays, with a growing sense of civic responsibilities, more and more people believe in giving back to the community. They recognize that supporting local businesses is an excellent way to do this. A slightly unexpected business that you can support to achieve this are the local carpet cleaners. Surprisingly, not many people are aware of the excellent carpet cleaners situated within their neighborhood. They swear by national or international chains which provide a mediocre service at exorbitant prices.

When searching for a local cleaner, ask your neighbors. Living in the same community as you, they are bound to have a good idea about cleaners in and around that area. They can provide you with trustworthy testimonials and answer any question you may have about the cleaning company.

Don’t pass over a company just because it is not famous and you have never seen any ads or billboards proclaiming it to be the greatest company ever. Just look at the experience, certifications and facilities of a company. Many local companies don’t have large revenue streams and can’t afford aggressive advertising. This is because they charge realistic fees for their services unlike corporate giants who charge simply for their brand name.

newly cleaned carpets thanks to Chem-dryLocal carpet cleaners offer many advantages over the industry giants. First of all, they are every bit as good, if not better, than famous companies. They often offer lucrative discounts to members of their community. Also, like most services, they have a radius around their shop where pick – up and delivery of carpets is free. Chances are, your house will fall within the radius and you don’t have to pay hefty delivery fees. If not, you house will still be close enough to simply drive down to the cleaners. Also, since the cleaner is a member of your community, you are assured great customer support!

For more tips and ideas on how you can


What to do Before you Build a Fence

Before you go to have a fence built, there are actually several important steps you need to make.

For one, because fences tend to be on the borders of property lines you need to be absolutely sure you are building the fence on your property and not on your neighbors. I would recommend having the yard or land professionally surveyed before you begin any fencing project.

Secondly, you should make sure there are no restrictions for you area or neighborhood on the heigh of fences or the material that can be used. These steps cannot be overlooked because all too often people have a fence built only to have to tear it down for a shorter one or to be moved just a few feet over. This is a costly mistake that is worth the due diligence to avoid.

Next because a fence is a long term project, do your research about the different materials, styles and even color shades out there. Just like any home improvement project, a fence is not cheap so you should make sure you are going to be getting a finished product you are happy with the first time.

If all this sounds daunting, be sure to contact a local fence company and make sure you have everything prepared before the work begins. The good news is any reputable builder will have years of experience and know how to make sure everything is in order for the work to begin. And when it comes to style you can take a look at some of the samples from the company I used in Houston on their residential fences page.

I hope these tips have helped, good luck with your new fencing project!

Roofing Shingles

One of the most popular home improvement topics that most home owners love to chat about is replacing the shingles on their roofs. Replacing the shingles on your roof can make a dramatic aesthetic change on your home and depending on the type of shingles you purchase will improve energy efficiency. There are three different factors that you need to think about when purchasing new shingles for your home and these include:

  1. Color
  2. Material
  3. Cost

The color of your shingles can dramatically change the look of your home. With the variety of colors that are available for shingles it is important that you choose a color that will complement the look of your home. You will want to make sure that you factor in the color of your siding, doors, and window frames when picking out your new color. By choosing a brand new color you will be changing the design of your home and limit your choices in color for the other parts of your home in the future.

There are five commonly used materials for roof shingles that include: asphalt, wood, metal, slate, and tile. Each have their own positive and negative attributes that include performance, durability, and home efficiency. Because of this you will want to take time to research what type of material is best for your home and how much you are will willing to spend. The most common type of roof shingles include asphalt, but more and more homes are trying out new materials.

The last factor that you would want to consider is the cost of replacing the cost of roof shingles. If you are interested in seeing how much your next roof replacement will cost then I would suggest visiting Metropolitan Contractor is a Class A contractor and have been providing residential contract work in Northern Virginia for over twenty years now. If you have any questions about shingling a roof then Metro would be the experts to call.

Plumbing Repair Basics for Property Owners

If you are looking to begin any home improvement projects and plumbing repair in Crystal Lake IL there are a few basics every property owner should know. I wanted to give readers a quick dummies guide introduction to residential plumbing materials. I myself am not an expert so I have consulted my Mr. Rooter McHenry County, the professional plumbers in Crystal Lake IL.

Let’s start with some of the most important plumbing repair materials, pipes. A residential plumbing system will have various types of pipe materials. Pipes are going to be used for important plumbing aspects that need to be separated to sanitary and safety reasons such as water supply, waste drainage, appliance filtration, and irrigation. Like I said before, it is important to distinguish these materials and you do not want to get them mixed up.

Pipe types fall into the following categories:
- Waste line pipes include Cast Iron, Poly Vinyl Chloride, and Chromed Brass pipes
- Water supply pipes include Chromed Copper, Galvanized Iron, Rigid Copper, Flexible Copper, Chlorinated Poly Vinyl Chloride, and Cross-linked Polyethylene pipes.
- Natural gas supply pipes are composed of Black Iron.

Now let’s take a more detailed look at these and why they are the preferred pipes for plumbers in McHenry IL. Today I want to focus specifically on waste line plumbing repair material basics.

Waste Line Plumbing Repair
If you are looking for plumbing service to repair your waste line, make sure you or your professional plumber have plenty of Cast Iron, PVC, and Chromed Brass pipes. Fitting cast iron pipes will require a heavy duty reciprocating saw or special cutting tools. This is why we recommend calling the expert plumbers of Mr. Rooter McHenry when it comes to plumbing repair for your home’s waste line. PVC pipe is the standard in home waste line materials. It is composed of a strong, chemical and heat resistant rigid pipe that is easy to cut and fit to piping. The third and final waste line pipe is Chromed Brass piping. This is the shiny chrome finished pipe that you usually see around your toilet and it larger than one inch in diameter. Chromed brass piping is often used interchangeably with PVC piping for a more attractive appearance when dealing with exposed waste line pipes.

I hope this article has helped you at least to understand the basics of waste line plumbing repair materials. I advice if you are waiting to complete plumbing repair renovations in your Crystal Lake IL home that you seek a professional if you are unsure about what you are doing. If plumbing issues are made worse, repairs could become increasingly costly. If you are looking for more plumbing information or what to find an expert plumber in Crystal Lake call or visit Mr. Rooter of McHenry County.

Below are images of the waste line pipes that I described above.
Plumbing Repair McHenry ILPlumbers Crystal Lake ILPlumber in Woodstock IL

Compact Fluorescent Lighting

If you are a business owner and finding it difficult to choose the right lighting for your service area or office building then I have a few suggestions to take into consideration. Great office or service area lighting should fit the mood that you want your employees or customers to be in for optimal performance. If you are thinking about really dim lighting for your office then you may find yourself in low productivity situation. One type of lighting that is most popular for office and customer floor area is Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL). Using this type of lighting has many great benefits compared to its other competing products.

Cost Efficient

The initial cost of purchase and installation of CFLs are very high compared to other lighting products. Other than the initial sunk cost of purchase you will save an up to 30% on your energy costs each month. Not only do these lights operate with less electricity, but they also last ten times longer than other products. This will save money on the replacement cost of your lighting bulbs because they will not burn out for a very long time.

Environmentally Friendly

Regular incandescent light bulbs emit CO2 into the atmosphere when broken or discarded. CFLs have significantly less CO2 inside the tubing and it is estimated that by replacing CFLs for regular incandescent light bulbs can prevent a half ton of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. For green efficient companies Compact Fluorescent Lighting is the right way to go.

Premium Lighting

CFLs provide a warmer light than other fluorescent light bulbs. They also don’t flicker every time you turn the on. A longer, warmer, and brighter environment is the outcome of the installation of CFLs and can make the difference for your business or office to stay ahead of your competitors

If I have peaked your interest in compact fluorescent lighting and you are looking for more information I would recommend visiting Mr. Electric’s website at Mr. Electric has great information on all things that deal with electricity and they provide world class customer service for all of their customers. They can help you install light fixtures and your new CFLs in your business or office space.

Troubleshooting a Leaking Dishwasher

With all of the advancements in technology today, we have come a long way.  We have a lot of appliances available that make the daily tasks in our lives easier.  For those of us that don’t enjoy washing dishes by hand, we are lucky enough to be able to purchase a dishwasher.  This convenient device is a life and time saver for most, but what if it begins having issues like water leaking from it?

leaking-dishwasherA leaking dishwasher can cause a lot of unneeded stress for a homeowner as well as create a mess to clean up each time you try and wash dishes.  Leaking dishwashers should be repaired quickly if you want to plan on using it again, so giving a call to dishwasher repair experts like Mr. Appliance of Austin is a great way to go.  Before doing that though, make sure to check and see if there are any steps you can take to fix this issue yourself.

Check the Inlet Hose

Water leaking near your inlet valve could be a sign that your inlet hose is not connected properly.  Some hoses can be loose or even become corroded.  Simply replacing the hose itself may do the trick.  If the body of the valve is damaged, you will have to replace the valve.

Check the Seals

The rubber seals on your dishwasher door age overtime and become brittle.  They will develop cracks and tears which can allow water to leak out near the door of your dishwasher.  If it appears damaged, it’s recommended that you replace it with a new one.

Check the Spray Arm

A cracked spray arm will result water spraying with less control in your dishwasher causing it to leak from the door.

Check the Float Switch

A float switch keeps your dishwasher from overflowing.  If your dishwasher is leaking, it’s possibly because it’s taking in excess water even though the recommended water level has been reached.  Make sure to check the operation and steadiness of the float switch.

If you checked all of these possible problems and you are still having a leaking dishwasher, call your local appliance repairman for a diagnosis.

Springtime Home Improvement Projects

beautiful home with home improvement remodeling projects completeSpring is in the air again, and for many it means working on the next home improvement project they neglected over the colder months. But you don’t have to do it alone, especially when it comes to a larger project like having new windows installed, siding, or even a deck build on to the back of your home. In fact, these are all great projects that can cost much less than you think. A home remodeling contractor like 804 Exteriors at can install a high quality product without the high end prices.

Vinyl Replacement Windows

If you are on a budget and want a low maintenance window option, then vinyl window replacements could be a great option for you. For the price, the quality and insulation you get, vinyl is nearly unbeatable. One of the things many people don’t realize is that you also save money because they are so simple to install.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is also a great choice for siding for many of the same reasons. The main reason I choice a vinyl material for my home siding was for the low maintenance and durability it offers. It often comes in a wide variety of textures and color options depending on which brand you choose to go with.

Building a Deck

Who wouldn’t want to have a nice deck on the back or side of their homes? It’s a place where you can comfortably enjoy the outdoors with friends and family and get some fresh air. The problem is some decks builders charge a fortune and provide a deck that needs constant maintenance.

Go The Safe Route With Electricians In Reston

Electrical problems can be endless, especially when you have no idea what to look for. Electricians in Reston know what to look for and they’re looking to help you with your next electrical problem.

Our digital-driven lives are dependent on electricity to power them. Smartphones, tablets and computers all need power to operate. You’re reading this on an electronic device right now and it may even be plugged in. The fact that we are always connected means that we are connected to electricity. Our increase in demand has meant increased business for electrical service in Reston and it’s never been a better time to hire one. They’re familiar with any electronics and can tell you how your home’s power system is affected by all this power usage. When the power goes out, they can be there to save the day. They’ve been in business for a while and they have a guarantee on their work. Most contractors are licensed and certified and ready to go to work. They are the first ones on site after a major storm has knocked out power. They’re also there when your light switch isn’t working. No job is too big or small. In all their years of work, they’ve seen just about everything. You’re getting a great deal when you can hire a seasoned pro to work on your house!

Electricity is very dangerous and when you work with it, you put your life in danger. Electrocution is very real; that’s why you see warnings on all power cords and near most outlets. Appliances also warn you of the danger. This should be a sign that you should leave your electrical issues to a professional. They know how to work with power in the safest way possible, keeping you out of harm’s way at all times. That’s always something you can count on.

Home Window Tinting for Savings and Better Health

solar-window-filmFind a Richmond window tint company that does a great job and you will save thousands of dollars in upholstery replacement, medical treatment, energy consumption and much more. Here is a quick read about how you can achieve all this by simply installing window tint on any window that is exposed to direct sunlight.

Health Implications

Solar tint film is a life-saving invention. It is essentially a filter that blocks out several types of harmful radiation. Considering the fact that these radiations can cause everything from simple skin disorders to cancer, it is well worth considering an investment in your health and in the safety of your family by contacting Solar Film, a Richmond window tinting service. It’s not just about health – it’s about safety and security for your loved ones.

Energy Usage

Conserving energy in your home is directly related to how well-insulated your windows are. Preventing the ingress of heat can save you hundreds of dollars a year in air conditioning costs. In addition, it will keep your home naturally cool through most of the summer, so you may not even need to artificially cool the most used spaces in your home. Insulation is also effective during the winter because the heat is retained inside for much longer. Therefore, the benefit is two-fold and can be enjoyed right through the year.

Upholstery Protection

Certain frequencies of light radiation can be harmful to the color of your upholstery, causing it to fade well before its useful life is over. By hiring a Richmond window tint company to put in solar film you are actually saving big time on replacing your upholstery frequently.

Add up the benefits in terms of monetary and health perspectives and it is clear that the only way to go is to call a window tint film installation company in Richmond right away and get the job done as soon as you can.